CFD Post-Processing for Engineers - Intelligent Light and FieldView

Even if you are successfully using CFD, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I waiting a long time to even read my CFD results?
  • I’m using the post-processor that comes with my solver code, but what am I missing?
  • I spend all day copying CFD results from my server, is there a better way?
  • My competitors are showing their CFD results with great looking images and animations, what do they know that I don’t?
  • I have no time to read and examine all the solutions that I have, how can I automate that?
  • My solver runs in parallel. Can I post-process in parallel too?
  • I have a great CFD product such as ANSYS Fluent, cd-adapco STAR-CCM+, CFD++, etc., but am I getting to all the value in those results with the built-in post-processor?
  • How can I get great post-processing for my open-source or government CFD code, like OpenFOAM or OverFlow?
  • What would it be like to actually get good customer support for my post-processor?

FieldView products and services from Intelligent Light have been specifically developed to help CFD users get more reliable results in less time from their CFD investments. Post-processing can be the most important step in the CFD process -this is where the “pay off” occurs – where you gain insight and make decisions. Yet it is often overlooked when planning effective CFD workflows.

Take a few minutes of your valuable time to check our product information for the answers to your questions, or better yet, get a free evaluation copy of FieldView and see for yourself!

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“FieldView is the best product I have found for interpreting large datasets. The client/server architecture of FieldView means we can analyze huge datasets using our desktop workstations-without copying files around on the network. Ultimately, that means better utilization of our server resources.”

Ken Brentner, professor of Aerospace Engineering at Penn State University