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The archive for this webinar is now available. View Recording .

Dr. Earl P. N. Duque will present "Real World Example Cases: Analysis From Wind Energy and High Lift Drag Prediction Workshop Simulations."

You will learn about methods for:

  • 100X to 1000X Data Reduction
  • Effective use of remote HPC resources for both interactive and batch operations
  • Working with data from multiple solvers including OVERFLOW2, OpenFOAM

“Cray systems provide central computational resources at commercial, academic and government centers around the world; often serving distributed user communities.  Efficient tools to analyze CFD simulation results and enable the remote user community are essential.   Management, automation, and remote visualization capabilities in FieldView are a proven technology for post processing whether the data is across the room or across the country. Cray is pleased to work with Intelligent Light to ensure this is a robust and efficient solution.”

                                                 Per Nyberg, Director of Cray Business Development

This work was recently awarded the IDC HPC Innovation Excellence Award. “For the Outstanding Application of HPC for Business and Scientific Achievements."
Dr. Duque will be joined by Greg Clifford, Manufacturing Segment Manager at CRAY.  Cray is partnering with Intelligent Light to help meet the data management and remote visualization demands of their clients.  The material provided in this webinar is a great example of how simulation data management can be done effectively in a Cray environment.
A question and answer session will follow the webinar.


The archive for this webinar is now available. View Recording.




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Earl P. N. Duque, Ph. D., Manager of Applied Research, Intelligent Light

Greg Clifford, Manufacturing Market Segment Manager, Cray




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“We can put through a lot more crazy ideas at the CFD level at very low risk. The ability to understand and design for effects like side force and yaw torque before we prototype is a major advantage in both wheel performance and time to market. If we used to take 20 prototypes into the tunnel, we might find four worth pursuing. Now we take in 30, and find that 15 of them are worth pursuing."

Josh Poertner, Technical Director, Zipp Speed Weaponry


Working Together to Solve Workflow Challenges

In the life of every engineering team or manufacturing organization, there are times you simply can’t get everything done. Staffing levels fluctuate; deadlines shift; product requirements change; data piles up; computing resources can’t keep pace. Tackle these problems proactively with FieldView Workflow Services. We’ll help you create a highly productive, robust, and agile workflow tailored to meet your specific challenges.

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Working in collaboration with or as an extension of your design team, we can take on short-term, production-related jobs or longer term implementation projects. Our experienced, capable staff is well prepared to help you smooth out, automate, and optimize your CFD workflow.

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  • Manage large datasets efficiently
  • Develop high-impact simulation output for review and presentation.

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“I wanted to thank you for your help with the OVERFLOW CFD code and the Chimera Grid Tools. You provided us lessons and recommendations tailored for our needs allowing us to provide better technical capability for our customers. Equally as valuable, was your thorough customer service and quick responsiveness. I would recommend your services to anyone and would gladly look to you for help in the future."

FieldView Customer


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Basic Workflow Development

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  • Visualize and understand design behavior – tap our expertise to get the answers you need
  • Manage large datasets
  • Develop high-impact simulation output for review and presentation.


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CFD Workflow Support

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  • Develop customized, application-specific GUIs

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“In a couple of hours, I've written scripts that generate in about 30 minutes max all the outputs that take 5 hours to create with their commercial solver's post-processor."

Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Sales and Support Engineer, Intelligent Light


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“I really liked the demonstrations of how to set up the parallel and client-server features. It reduces the effort of learning new things. This was like sitting down with a colleague showing you how to do something."

CFD engineer/aerospace engine designer