Specific Industry Knowledge for Superior Efficiencies - Intelligent Light and FieldView

The power of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is leveraged across industries as varied as aerospace, energy, casting and architecture. Each industry has its unique requirements. The team at Intelligent Light has direct experience in a broad range of industries that impacts our software design and informs our service offerings.

Your selection of FieldView gives you best-in-class post-processing technology and a trusted partner in Intelligent Light, committed to your success with CFD in your specific industry:


Specific Industry Knowledge for Superior Efficiencies

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"We can put through a lot more crazy ideas at the CFD level at very low risk. The ability to understand and design for effects like side force and yaw torque before we prototype is a major advantage in both wheel performance and time to market. If we used to take 20 prototypes into the tunnel, we might find four worth pursuing. Now we take in 30, and find that 15 of them are worth pursuing."
Josh Poertner, Technical Director, Zipp Speed Weaponry