Boosting Productivity in Aeroengine Design - Intelligent Light and FieldView

LM6000 combustor


Highly unsteady and complex, aeroengines pose significant design, airframe integration, and large data management challenges. You need strategic, robust CFD simulation and visualization tools to thoroughly understand the performance of your engine design. Even extensive physical testing cannot reveal, nor isolate, hidden physics or phenomena that occur too quickly or in non-testable conditions.

Success requires an efficient, productive CFD workflow that helps you quickly visualize and interrogate even your largest models, compare results, and identify numbers of merit and areas of interest for further exploration in:

  • Thrust and efficiency (performance, range, fuel efficiency)
  • Combustion stability, predictability of burn
  • Shock propagation
  • Aeroacoustics / noise reduction
  • Emissions

Short time scales and the need to optimize engine performance over a wide range of operating conditions add to your development challenge. FieldView responds with the industry’s fastest post-processing and interpretation capabilities, most advanced visualization, and powerfully productive data management and automation tools. Maximize use of your HPC resources with parallel or batch processing workflow options.

FieldView works with virtually any in-house or commercial solver, delivering:

  • High-performance algorithms and tools such as interactive streamlines and streaklines
  • Automatic detection of vortex cores, surface flows, and shock values
  • Comparison tools, both qualitative and quantitative
  • Rapid, one-click transient animation
  • Specialized tools for handling rotating machinery.

Intelligent Light surrounds FieldView with a full complement of services: from training to software customization. And through our Applied Research Group, our advanced CFD practice, Intelligent Light clients can access leading CFD experts in their domain for a full range of CFD projects, support and counsel.

Let FieldView help you harness the full value of your CFD data and maximize your productivity and throughput. Try FieldView free for 30 days.


Boosting Productivity in Aeroengine Design

LM6000 combustor

LES turbulence model of unsteady heat and mass transfer inside the LM6000 combustor, with flame envelope



"The many tools in FieldView allow our engineers to quickly understand the complex flow phenomena that occur in gas turbine engines. If I did not have FieldView I would be out of business. I have two other post-processors that came with the CFD codes, but even though they are touted as state-of-the-art, in fact, next to FieldView, they are ancient history."
CFD Group Leader, Pratt & Whitney Canada