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Wing Flutter


Making things move fast and smoothly is the essence of aerodynamics. Making the engineering process run fast and smoothly in aircraft aerodynamics is essential to meeting cost and schedule goals, exceeding performance targets, and creating a sustainable competitive advantage. Complex, highly unsteady flows, very large datasets, and widely varying operating conditions pose many workflow challenges. New designs must achieve significant performance gains in areas like fuel efficiency and cruising range, making optimization important. Data comparison among multiple simulations is extensive, and often requires access to much earlier data.

Intelligent Light addresses Aerodynamics Workflow with Fieldview our advanced CFD post processor and our Applied Research Group: leading CFD practitioners with deep Aerospace domain experience.

FieldView: Aerospace Industry De-facto Standard.

In this demanding environment, the CFD workflow has to be fast, agile, and efficient, capable of handling hundreds of thousands of cases with ease and getting to vital insights and accurate answers fast.

FieldView, the de facto standard in the aircraft industry, delivers the fastest CFD post-processing and interpretation capabilities, the most advanced visualization, and powerfully productive data management and automation tools available. With FieldView, you can:

  • Visualize, interrogate and interactively explore large, high-resolution models quickly
  • Create and share presentation-quality animations, images, and real-time working sessions with ease
  • Manage huge volumes of complex, transient data efficiently
  • Automate post-processing tasks to increase capacity and throughput
  • Scale up with parallel or scale out with batch processing to maximize HPC resources.

Intelligent Light’s Applied Research Group Solves Advanced Aerospace Challenges

The aerodynamics expertise of our Applied Research Group informs FieldView development, so you benefit from the latest research and methodologies in this challenging domain. For research papers, case studies, animations and more, see our CFD Visual Library.

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Optimizing the Aerodynamics Workflow with FieldView

Wing Flutter

Flow past a wing, showing induced flutter.


"FieldView is our key tool for scientific visualization. It adds considerable value to our data products and service. It substantially enhances our understanding of complex simulations and guides the direction of further work."
Aerospace Testing Engineer, High Performance Computing Center