Putting Rotorcraft in Motion - Intelligent Light and FieldView

V22 Osprey rotor


Modeling rotorcraft flight is complicated by the very nature of the vehicle’s operating characteristics – vertical takeoff and landing, hovering, and handling low airspeed conditions. Highly unsteady and complex, rotorcraft CFD simulation must accurately capture blade rotation and flexion, vortex interaction, and more. With relatively long time steps – every one to five degrees, for example – multiple rotations have to be captured to understand performance. The resulting data volume is daunting.

Rotocraft Design Engineers Trust FieldView

This demanding environment requires an efficient, productive CFD workflow built on strategic, robust simulation and visualization tools. FieldView helps you quickly make sense of large volumes of data, compare results, and identify numbers of merit and areas of interest for further exploration.

  • Lift and efficiency (performance, range, fuel efficiency)
  • Aeroacoustics / Noise reduction
  • Emissions

The Applied Research Group Solves Advanced Rotocraft Design Challenges

Intelligent Light’s Applied Research Group has specific expertise in rotorcraft, and FieldView captures that knowledge, bringing it to you with the industry’s fastest post-processing and interpretation capabilities, most advanced visualization, and powerfully productive data management and automation tools. FieldView enables you to:

  • Interrogate even your largest models quickly
  • Create and share sophisticated animations and images
  • Manage the largest, most complex data efficiently
  • Scale up with parallel or scale out with batch processing.

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Putting Rotorcraft in Motion

V22 Osprey rotor

Multi-grid simulation of V-22 Osprey rotor.


"Intelligent Light really understands the structure of flow data, which makes FieldView’s user interface particularly helpful; the data can be easily manipulated in a context that’s familiar to us. I find FieldView is absolutely the best product when you just want to work with the data, interrogate it, and get the job done. There’s nothing that comes close to FieldView for helping you do that."
Ken Brentner, Vertical Lift Research Center of Excellence (VLRCOE), Penn State University