Bringing Architectural and Engineering Projects to Life - Intelligent Light and FieldView

Meeting Room


Success in ‘selling’ projects in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) demands compelling visuals and cohesive presentations. Helping your clients and, in many cases, the public, easily understand your design is key to getting the job.

Whether you work in a large or small architecture firm or an AEC consultancy, FieldView maximizes your investment in CFD tools and leverages your HPC resources. Renowned for its advanced graphics and visualization tools, FieldView makes it easy – really easy – to create vivid, persuasive images and animations that bring your design to life for every audience.

  • Internal flows/HVAC (comfort and efficiency, elevator shafts, fire systems)
  • External flows (wind shadows)

FieldView delivers the fastest CFD post-processing and interpretation capabilities, as well as powerfully productive data management and automation tools. With FieldView, you can:

  • Automate processes for speed and efficiency
  • Speed: Use batch processing to render many frames at the same time
  • Do it all in context: Include photo backgrounds to establish design setting/context

Intelligent Light surrounds FieldView with a full complement of services: from training to software customization. And through our Applied Research Group, our advanced CFD practice, Intelligent Light clients can access leading CFD experts in their domain for a full range of CFD projects, support and counsel.

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Bringing Architectural and Engineering Projects to Life

Meeting Room

Airflow in a meeting room.


"Once again I pat myself on the back for choosing FieldView over the competitors years ago. I have never regretted that decision!!! Easy installs and license updates are really important for users who do not get to use FieldView on a daily basis. It is really important to me have a code that is so simple to use that it is intuitive by the menu and symbols!! Thanks many times over."
CFD practitioner in the US DoD