Melding Productivity into Casting Applications - Intelligent Light and FieldView

Casting Fill Rate


Mold-filling applications for metal and glass are inherently unsteady, generating lots and lots of large, complex data for analysis. You need a highly productive, agile, and reliable CFD workflow that lets you easily visualize and interact with your data, compare results, and get to vital insights and accurate answers fast.

FieldView puts you in control of the CFD workflow with the industry’s fastest post-processing and interpretation capabilities. Advanced visualization tools bring your designs to vivid life for in-depth interrogation; features such as one-click transient animations greatly simplify the process.

Take advantage of FieldView’s powerfully productive data management techniques to create extract databases (XDBs) that significantly reduce analysis time and storage requirements. Use XDBs with FieldView sweep caching to interactively sweep through time-steps at extremely fast rates.

FieldView’s easy to use automation tools help you tackle repetitive tasks and shape the workflow to best suit your specific needs and engineering environment.

Leverage your HPC resources to increase capacity and throughput and reduce turnaround time.

  • Use FieldView on a desktop, a cluster, or on the cloud
  • Run multiple simulations using concurrent batch processing

Intelligent Light surrounds FieldView with a full complement of services: from training to software customization. And through our Applied Research Group, our advanced CFD practice, Intelligent Light clients can access leading CFD experts in their domain for a full range of CFD projects, support and counsel.

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Melding Productivity into Casting Applications

Casting Fill Rate

Casting simulation shows fill rate in an unsteady simulation.


"We can now view animated transient filling sequences and at the same time rotate, move and zoom to gain new insights. The data management tools typically reduce files sizes by a factor of 50 and allow batch and interactive work on the same machine as FLOW-3D, making our work much easier."
Frieder Semler, CFD Consultants GmbH