Discovering Efficiencies in Process Manufacturing - Intelligent Light and FieldView

Molten Steel Pour


Process manufacturing is a common component in many industries: consumer goods such as food and beverages, chemical, steel, oil and gas production, mixing, extrusion, and more. The requirements in each may differ, but the end goal is the same: high quality products manufactured efficiently and cost-effectively.

You need a highly productive, agile, and robust CFD workflow that lets you easily visualize the flows within your design, interact with the data, compare results, and get to vital insights and accurate answers fast.

FieldView puts you in control of the CFD workflow with the industry’s fastest post-processing and interpretation capabilities. Advanced visualization tools bring your designs to vivid life for in-depth interrogation and make creating compelling images, animations, and presentations nearly effortless.

FieldView’s easy to use, flexible automation tools help you tackle repetitive tasks, embed organizational knowledge and best practices, and shape the workflow to best suit your specific needs and engineering environment.

Take advantage of FieldView’s powerfully productive data management techniques to create extract databases (XDBs) that significantly reduce analysis time and storage requirements. Use XDBs with FieldView sweep caching to interactively sweep through time-steps at extremely fast rates.

Leverage your HPC resources whether on a desktop, cluster, or the cloud. Run multiple cases concurrently using batch processing or scale up with parallel processing to increase capacity and throughput, and reduce turnaround time.

Intelligent Light surrounds FieldView with a full complement of services: from training to software customization. And through our Applied Research Group, our advanced CFD practice, Intelligent Light clients can access leading CFD experts in their domain for a full range of CFD projects, support and counsel.

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Discovering Efficiencies in Process Manufacturing

Molten Steel Pour

Molten steel poured from cupola into its cast.


"The FieldView post-processor gives us a huge advantage by enabling us to get more information in less time from each simulation. FieldView is very simple to work with and easy to learn which is important because so much of the designer's time is spent with this tool visualizing the simulation results. I wear many hats, I don't work with CFD every day. FieldView's user interface is intuitive enough that I can go without using the tool for several weeks and then come back and pick up right where I left off using restart files with new or existing data."
Koni Schafroth, CEO, Team SmartFish