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Full Bike Simulation


Building better bicycle racing wheels and components requires better understanding of the physics, then using that knowledge to improve handling and other performance and ride characteristics. CFD simulation complements wind tunnel testing, making the time and money spent there more productive, and illuminating the ‘how and why’ of phenomena that can’t be discerned in the wind tunnel. As the industry moves beyond simple drag reduction, innovative ideas must be analyzed quickly and affordably in order to meet schedule and cost targets.

Creating a highly productive, flexible, reliable CFD workflow that gets you from data to decisions faster is easy with FieldView. FieldView harnesses the value of your CFD solution data with the industry’s fastest post-processing and interpretation capabilities, allowing you to easily visualize the aerodynamic flows within your design, interact with the data, compare results, and get to vital insights fast. Advanced visualization tools bring your designs to vivid life for in-depth interrogation. Creating compelling images, animations, and presentations is nearly effortless.

Take advantage of FieldView’s powerfully productive data management techniques to create extract databases (XDBs) that significantly reduce analysis time and storage requirements. Use XDBs with FieldView sweep caching to interactively sweep through time-steps at extremely fast rates.

FieldView’s simple, flexible automation tools help you tackle repetitive tasks, generate reports, and embed best practices for maximum efficiency.

Leverage your HPC resources whether on a desktop, cluster, or the cloud. Run multiple cases concurrently using batch processing or scale up with parallel processing to increase capacity and throughput, and reduce turnaround time.

Intelligent Light surrounds FieldView with a full complement of services: from training to software customization. And through our Applied Research Group, our advanced CFD practice, Intelligent Light clients can access leading CFD experts in their domain for a full range of CFD projects, support and counsel.

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Spin up Innovative Bicycle Designs Faster with CFD

Full Bike Simulation

Unsteady analysis of a racing bicycle. Streaklines colored by the cross flow velocity component show periodic shedding resulting from flow around the bike moving at 20 mph at a yaw angle of 10 degrees.


"We can put through a lot more crazy ideas at the CFD level at very low risk. It used to be like throwing darts at a dartboard – we’d look at the outliers and decide it wasn’t worth the couple thousand dollars to take into the tunnel. The ability to understand and design for effects like side force and yaw torque before we prototype is a major advantage in both wheel performance and time to market. If we used to take 20 prototypes into the tunnel, we might find four worth pursuing. Now we take in 30, and find that 15 of them are worth pursuing."
Josh Poertner, Director of Engineering, Zipp Speed Weaponry