Intelligent Light and FieldView

Intelligent Light Spins Off FieldView to Vela Software

Rutherford, NJ (November 8, 2019) - For more than twenty-five years, Intelligent Light has advanced the world of CFD post-processing through its FieldView software. In October 2019, Intelligent Light sold the right to develop, sell and support FieldView to Vela Software International. Vela is the same company that purchased Tecplot four years ago and has helped the Tecplot business thrive to the benefit of Tecplot users worldwide.

"When I decided to spin out the FieldView product, I was looking for a home for the FieldView team that would ensure that FieldView had a bright future and would continue to provide the same level of excellence in CFD post-processing to our customers," said Steve M. Legensky, Founder and President of Intelligent Light. "Seeing how Vela helped Tecplot grow, I felt good about trusting them with FieldView. Spinning out FieldView enables Intelligent Light to focus on serving the CFD community with tools for data management, in situ and extract workflows, data analytics, engineering risk reduction and workflow optimization."

The new company, FieldView CFD, Inc., will join a family with Tecplot and Tecplot Europe (formerly Genias Graphics GmbH). FieldView CFD, Inc. will be a separate group dedicated to delivering for the FieldView user while being able to take advantage of the synergies of scale that joining a large group like Vela provides.

Yves-Marie Lefebvre, who has been the FieldView Product Chief for the past five years, will head up the new company as the FieldView Business Director.

"While there is no plan to merge Tecplot and FieldView, we will be looking for opportunities to improve interoperability," said Yves-Marie Lefebvre, FieldView Business Director. "In addition, we will continue to draw on the research team at Intelligent Light for cutting edge technologies in the areas of large data handling and data analytics. Best of all, Tecplot and FieldView users won't have to choose one or the other tool but can continue to rely on both tools for their individual strengths."

"Vela is known for buying and holding, dedicated to the long-term success of the business they invest in," said Steve Legensky. "They have contracted me to act as a technology consultant for both FieldView CFD and Tecplot. I am excited by the opportunity to help customers through FieldView, Tecplot and Intelligent Light synergies."

"Vela is pleased to acquire the FieldView product which is crucial to many CFD engineers' work," said John Billowits, Vela Software CEO. "We look forward to maintaining and improving FieldView over the years to come while continuing to provide the world-class support that users expect."

For more information about FieldView sales and support, please contact


Winning Visualization at AIAA Aviation

Image from winning visualization courtesy of Delin (Dale) Jiang, Baylor University
Event organizer Brian R. Smith Lockheed Martin Senior Fellow, Aerodynamics and CFD

The 3rd Flow Visualization Showcase was held at AIAA Aviation in Dallas this June. The FDTC/MSTC/APA Flow Visualization Event is essentially a video poster session that provides participants an opportunity to showcase their fluid-dynamic visualizations. This year, nineteen participants presented their work.

Three visualizations were selected for awards.

This year congratulations go to:

Patricia Venturadiaz, NASA Ames, for Most Artistic Flow Visualization

Dale Jiang, Baylor University, for Most Quantitatively Descriptive Flow Visualization

Mehdi Khorrami, NASA Ames, for Most Comprehensive Flow Visualization

Intelligent Light would like to thank all the participants as well as Brian Smith, the organizer of this event. We look forward to continuing our participation next year in support of the flow visualization community.


CFD Melbourne Meet Up

FieldView users down under got together this month with other CFD users for the 3rd CFD Melbourne Meet Up. Long time FieldView user, Dr. Peter Witt of CSIRO, presented his work as Research Team Leader using CFD for the mineral processing, chemical processing, petroleum and power generation industries.

Co-sponsored by our partner John Brookes of ATD International, and by Darrin Stephens of Applied CCM, and Cray, Inc., the Meet Up is a chance for CFD practitioners to come together to compare tools and techniques and learn about recent advancements in CFD. Two more Meet Ups are scheduled for later this year.

Dr. Peter Witt of CSIRO, at CFD Melbourne Meet Up

For more info and to participate in future Meet Ups, contact Darrin Stephens, Applied CCM.


Data Analytics for Engineering: THE Topic for the 21st Century

Last June I was asked by Cambridge University Press to review a manuscript for a new book on data-driven engineering by Steve Brunton and Nathan Kutz, two leaders in this field. I have been studying this topic and participating in various research and workshop activities on modal and state-space analysis techniques. I was both flattered and energized by this project. The book has just been published and is going to be a wonderful reference and teaching tool for many years to come. I encourage anyone interested in engineering applications of machine learning, dynamical systems and control to check it out at Cambridge University Press.

Come See Us at Aviation 2019

This year at AIAA Aviation, I will participate in several workshops and sessions. I look forward to seeing everyone in Dallas, to hearing what you have all been working on and to share the latest from Intelligent Light. I will be happy to discuss your work and the work we are doing in the areas of Verification and Validation, Uncertainty Quantification, and High Order and In Situ methodologies for CFD and Data Analytics.

I have been asked to be one of the judges for the 3rd Flow Visualization Showcase. I will join Brian R. Smith, Lockheed Martin Senior Fellow, Aerodynamics and CFD, and other industry experts in selecting winning visualizaions in three categories:

  • Most Artistic Flow Visualization
  • Most Quantitatively Descriptive Flow Visualization
  • Most Comprehensive Flow Visualization