Intelligent Light and FieldView

New FieldView 14 Eliminates Per-Processor Software License Fees for HPC-enabled CFD

Early Adopters are Reporting Sustainable Competitive Advantages

FieldView is designed for scalability. Every FieldView 14 license will run on 8 CPU cores per dataset  and  high performance computing (HPC) users can run 64 or unlimited cores at moderate additional cost, eliminating often prohibitive per-processor licensing fees.  Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) data management with FieldView 14 makes it easy to work with large amounts of data that reside anywhere: on a local workstation, on-site, remote or cloud-based server without sacrificing performance.  Whether your data is measured in megabytes, gigabytes or terabytes, if you are waiting for data to copy or load, you will benefit from the speed and power of FieldView.


[caption id="attachment_1058" align="alignright" width="250"]FV14 Multi-Windows and Parallel Sixteen different variations of alpha and Reynolds number are post-processed simultaneously on screen for the AIAA High Lift Prediction Workshop. FV14 permits 8 cores to be used in parallel for each dataset (a total of 128 cores in this example) with no additional license fees. FieldView image produced for AIAA High Lift Prediction Workshop by Intelligent Light.

Where innovation is the lifeblood of the business, FieldView and HPC are allowing winning organizations to outpace competitors and thrive through rapid, knowledge based product development.  Three of the top four Formula 1 racing teams are using FieldView and exploiting HPC for their aerodynamics engineering with dramatically improved results.  Small- and medium-sized manufacturers and consultancies (SMBs) are managing design risk and accelerating their pace of development with HPC and FieldView.  With FieldView 14, some key operations are 100s of times faster than in previous releases.


Steve Legensky, General Manager at Intelligent Light said, “For many it is fast becoming a game of survival to expand their knowledge base and to make better design decisions many times faster than ever before.  They utilize simulation and expertise to extend and sustain competitive advantage, or risk sacrificing their ability to compete at the profitable leadership position in product development.  FieldView has evolved over many years to allow users to meet this challenge and users are leaving many of their traditional, large data limitations behind.  Our services team is designing and delivering highly productive engineered workflows that capture organizational expertise, automating existing processes and tools.”


Engineering-driven organizations excel when many ideas are created and explored, design-risk is managed, and design cycles are short.  HPC is facilitating the rapid generation of large volumes of CFD results data.  For many, this has led to post-processing becoming a critical workflow bottleneck that prevents all these results from being evaluated.  FieldView 14 removes the post-processing bottleneck from high-performance CFD workflows.  Engineering leaders are using CFD simulation supported by HPC and engineered FieldView workflows that deliver actionable information sooner and free of expensive software cost penalties when using scalable computing.


Engineers Should Develop Designs and Processes, Not Limit Scope of Exploration

Leaders are quickly moving beyond traditional CFD and are utilizing FieldView in workflows that continually test many ideas through high-fidelity, time dependent simulations.  The resulting data is rapidly processed at the source, relevant attributes isolated, and information needed to turn data into knowledge is delivered to engineers.  HPC capacity is leveraged to explore vastly broadened design spaces.


FieldView 14 allows engineers to spend their time on the most important work exploiting trusted data to make informed engineering decisions. Intelligent Light is helping transform enterprises from those that are CFD knowledge rich to small engineering firms exploiting HPC enabled CFD.


“The parallel processing and data extract capabilities in FieldView 14 allowed me to run all the required and optional cases for the 2nd AIAA high Lift Prediction Workshop and deliver the required two-dimensional plotting data like force moments, velocity provides and surface pressures,” said Earl P. N. Duque, Ph. D., Manager of Applied Research at Intelligent Light.  “Early on I realized that I didn’t have to limit the number of cases I ran.  I had enough computer time to create the solutions if I could avoid a bottleneck sifting through the large data files.  FieldView automation and data management allowed me to use the HPC resources to not only run the simulations but also extract out the plot information for all the cases.”


Intelligent Light has received a nomination for an IDC HPC Innovation Excellence Award for work with large data management and received three nominations for HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards for contributions to the effective and affordable use of HPC for CFD, including FieldView 14.


“CFD data management and effective engineered workflows are making it possible for organizations large and small to use HPC capability to run detailed and thorough design studies to reduce uncertainty and risk to meet the criteria accepted for physical testing, ” commented Legensky.  “The speed and productivity of HPC enabled CFD are providing leading organizations with a tremendous acceleration in their design cycle and ability to explore design alternatives.”


About Intelligent Light

Winner of the HPC Innovation Excellence Award, Intelligent Light provides industry-leading software and services that unlock the power and value of a highly productive CFD workflow for engineering and research organizations in a variety of industries around the world. The company’s flagship FieldView™ product line is the most widely used CFD post-processing software for engineering and research, encompassing data management, workflow automation, visualization, and more. Intelligent Light’s expert staff provides production-related engineering services, while its Applied Research Group conducts pure research on the cutting edge of CFD science.  With customer success its paramount goal, Intelligent Light is driving real-world solutions to the toughest challenges in CFD today.

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Announcing FieldView 14

FieldView version 14 is here!

FV14 multi-windows wing plot 

CFD Data Management and Affordable Scalability - FieldView 14 brings Parallel Power to the People

  • Now every standard FieldView license runs up to 8 CPU cores.
  • Special upgrades for all existing FieldView Parallel users.

FieldView 14 also deliversArterial blood flow study

  • High speed rendering for automated batch workflows.
  • Enhanced XDB capabilities increase speed and convenience.
  • Unsteady particle visualization that is up to 400 times faster, allowing the interactive visualization of millions of particles for complex applications like combustion and mixing.

Learn More about FieldView 14 or
Try FieldView 14 today with our Free Demo Version!

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Parallel to the People - HPC benefits preview: FieldView 14

Smart CFD - FieldView 14 Will Address More Large Data and Parallel Computing Needs.  

FieildView on Hyperwall

Intelligent Light's Steve Legensky with NASA Ames' Tim Sandstrom stand in front of NASA's Hyperwall. FieldView 13 is already helping NASA exploit HPC enabled CFD.

Smart CFD means addressing today's challenges and preparing for tomorrow's.   Intelligent Light recognizes the pressing needs of the CFD community to manage ever-increasing amounts of data.  We are developing FieldView product and support services to help our customers exploit these demanding trends and deliver accurate, thorough, and timely results to their organizations.

These trends include:

  1. Large files and remote computing requiring effective workflow design and data management.

  2. Enabling broader use of HPC resources.

  3. Driving toward a future where in-situ post-processing becomes an everyday tool freeing users from the burdens of huge volumes of CFD files.

Multi-Windows in FieldView 14

The upcoming FieldView 14 release (available September, 2013) will build on the product's long heritage of supporting HPC users and helping them work productively with their HPC systems both local and remote.  FieldView 14 will deliver CFD post-processing benefits including:

  • New, free and low-cost FieldView tools for working with and sharing XDB files

  • The included high performance dataset reads enabled by FieldView Dataguide for all FieldView 14 users as part of the standard license.  Dataguide eliminates the need to rewrite/reformat your files and automatically reports function, min/max, and location data on read in.

  • "Parallel Power to the People" - As multi-core and parallel systems (SSI and clusters) are a standard part of today's CFD computing workflow, all FieldView licenses will support the use of up to 8 cores per dataset in the standard license

    • No cost upgrades to parallel for annual and supported licenses.

    • Current parallel licenses will receive a no-cost upgrade.

    • No increase in costs for support or renewal for existing users.


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Japan Tour PreViews FieldView 14

"It was really exciting to be part of the Spring Seminar last month, organized by VINAS, our partners in Japan. We’ve traveled to Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo to meet our Japanese user community and give them a first look at our upcoming release, FieldView 14. We keep getting great feedback and it seems that everyone wants to try the new multi-window capability, comparing multiple designs in a single FieldView session."

Yves-Marie Lefevbre, FieldView Sales & Support Engineer

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FieldView 13.2 Now Available

We have released FieldView 13.2, a point release.

For full details about the release, please download and read our Whats_New_FV13.2 document (PDF).

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