Intelligent Light and FieldView

IL Nominated for IDC HPC Innovation Excellence Award

Intelligent Light has been nominated for an IDC HPC Innovation Excellence Award for our work with high volumes of data in a production environment.  A new whitepaper details the way FieldView data management is being used to develop high-throughput workflows that increase capacity and decrease uncertainty in CFD.

IDC's HPC Innovation Excellence Award recognizes noteworthy achievements by users of high performance computing (HPC) technologies.  The program’s main goals are to showcase return on investment (ROI) and scientific success stories involving HPC; to help other users better understand the benefits of adopting HPC and justify HPC investments, especially for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs); to demonstrate the value of HPC to funding bodies and politicians; and to expand public support for increased HPC investments.

Whitepaper:Massive CFD Data Handled Quickly Without Compromise – Maximize Your CFD Investment.  A Real World Example Case: Analysis From High Lift Drag Prediction Workshop Simulations.

This is the second time Intelligent Light has been nominated for the award.  IL was recognized in the innagural edition, receiving an HPC Innovation Excellence Award in 2012- Software company helps manufacturer grow business, add jobs as result of HPC success.

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IL Welcomes Concordia University SAE Supermileage Team to University Partners Program

Dr. Earl P.N. Duque posts:

I'm happy to welcome the Concordia University SAE Supermileage Team as the newest participant to the Intelligent Light University Partners Program (UPP).  As a UPP participant, receive a grant of several FieldView licenses to use in designing their vehicle.  IL and the ARG is proud to help out these students in achieving their goals. See for more details.

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Intelligent Light to Commercialize VisIt Open Source Software with help of $1M Phase II DOE Grant

The U.S. Department of Energy Awards Intelligent Light $1 Million Phase II SBIR Grant to Commercialize VisIt Open Source Software.

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded Intelligent Light $1 Million Phase II grant to commercialize the VisIt open source software.  Intelligent Light has begun integrating FieldView™ its flagship CFD post processing software with VisIt, the open source interactive parallel visualization and graphical analysis tool from the U.S. Department of Energy.

“DOE has made significant investment over the years in the development of VisIt, a robust, scalable visualization and analysis tool for the processing of very large data sets, running on the largest high performance computing resources. As a tool that supports the very broad science mission of DOE, VisIt has been designed as a flexible, generalized solution to the visualization and analysis of scientific data.  Awards such as this through the SBIR program are a very positive step making this technology more broadly available to specific scientific areas through a re-packaging in a domain specific way, and broadening the user base and community of this DOE investment.”  David Pugmire, Scientist, Visualization Task Leader, Climate Change Science Institute, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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CFD BREAKTHROUGH: Feature Detection & Direct Volume Rendering In Situ

This work was sponsored through a Phase II STTR by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Program Manager Dr. Fariba Fabroo Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Copyright Intelligent Light ©2012

The stunning image at right was produced via prototype software developed under a Phase II STTR contract from AFOSR that utilizes volume rendering with an Adaptive Transfer Function that permits training the visualization system to highlight flow features such as turbulent vortices. A Prediction-Correction based feature extractor then tracks and extracts the flow features and determines the statistics of features over time. A Python Interface Framework permits the flow solver and feature tracker to share memory (In-Situ operation),enabling tracking at high precision and avoiding the overhead of saving data to file.

Now that the research phase is complete, Intelligent Light is seeking opportunities to apply the tools to CFD problems where understanding unsteady turbulent behavior is critical.

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