Intelligent Light and FieldView

CFD BREAKTHROUGH: Feature Detection & Direct Volume Rendering In Situ

This work was sponsored through a Phase II STTR by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Program Manager Dr. Fariba Fabroo Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Copyright Intelligent Light ©2012

The stunning image at right was produced via prototype software developed under a Phase II STTR contract from AFOSR that utilizes volume rendering with an Adaptive Transfer Function that permits training the visualization system to highlight flow features such as turbulent vortices. A Prediction-Correction based feature extractor then tracks and extracts the flow features and determines the statistics of features over time. A Python Interface Framework permits the flow solver and feature tracker to share memory (In-Situ operation),enabling tracking at high precision and avoiding the overhead of saving data to file.

Now that the research phase is complete, Intelligent Light is seeking opportunities to apply the tools to CFD problems where understanding unsteady turbulent behavior is critical.

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