Intelligent Light and FieldView

Corvid uses IL VisIt Services to Customize & Improve VisIt

Crew ProtectionWhen working with large scale, unsteady, multiphysics simulations, Corvid Technologies makes extensive use of VisIt for post-processing and visualization of results.  VisIt helps them exploit HPC to present powerful, illuminating images and animations that share the knowledge gained through engineering simulation with clients.

Corvid Technologies turned to Intelligent Light when it became clear that some problems with their solver interface were inherent in the open-source VisIt code.  They needed results and to keep their staff working on other projects where their expertise was most valuable.

Intelligent Light's VisIt Services team delivered:

  • Rapid deployment of solutions to the problems identified by an expert VisIt developer

  • Work performed concurrently with the revenue generating activity of the customer

  • Development that was contributed to the VisIt repository and resulted in an improved VisIt release

  • Services & support provided by a trusted vendor partner
In-Situ Solver Integration using VisIt on the CREA...
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