Intelligent Light and FieldView

DOE Invites Intelligent Light to Present In Situ with VisIt, Libsim, and FieldView

The Department of Energy hosts an annual meeting called the Computer Graphics Forum which brings together leading visualization experts who carry out DOE-supported research. Experts from National Laboratories, Department of Defense Research Institutions, Universities and select companies are invited to present updates on their research.  Intelligent Light was invited for a special vendor participation session and gave a talk called “Promoting In Situ with VisIt, Libsim, and FieldView”.

Topics of interests selected by the DOE this year include: computer procurement, status updates for software packages, and research for in situ and parallel programming on advanced HPC systems.

Advanced HPC systems have special challenges as they are increasingly heterogeneous architectures (often consisting of CPUs plus accelerators such as GPUs) with deep memory hierarchies. Several talks focused on new programming paradigms that are being created to develop large code bases that are both portable and efficient on heterogeneous architectures.

In situ was also a prominent research topic. In situ brings data analysis and visualization into solvers as they run, enabling them to extract information from the resident data so that more concentrated data can be written out. Saving smaller, more concentrated data is important because HPC systems have far higher compute capacity than I/O bandwidth and storage needed to store full results.

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