Intelligent Light and FieldView

Data Handling and Visualization for Large CFD Simulations

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October 6th, 2016
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Large scale CFD run on HPC systems generate huge volumes of results requiring a workflow that allows users to manage the large data and extract useful information efficiently. Workflows that do not keep pace with the rate of simulation prevent people from making the most of their simulations. The negative outcomes can include not sharing data effectively or perhaps even avoiding the use of HPC resources to begin with.

We've made it simple to use the best resources available for your CFD. We'll show you how we are helping our customers achieve the promise of HPC for large CFD by reducing the data bottleneck and lowering costs. Cray and Intelligent Light invite you to join this live discussion and learn how some of the most productive CFD users in the world are working with their large data.

We'll also discuss an industry collaboration aimed at improving the quality of CFD simulation of the physics of helicopter flight. The AIAA Hover Prediction Workshop uses data from multiple organizations submitting varied solutions for a helicopter in hover. The results are brought together on an shared HPC resource where standardized, automated post-processing is performed. Results are directly compared, reports are generated and extracts are delivered that can be shared, explored interactively and archived.

Join Cray and Intelligent Light for a live discussion
October 6th 11 am or 9 pm ET
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See what HPC Technology, Teamwork, and Trust can do for your CFD programs!

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