Intelligent Light and FieldView

No Compromise CFD with On-Demand HPC

The accessibility of HPC via cloud computing offers tremendous flexibility for CFD users with peak workload demands as well as for organizations and consultants who do not maintain HPC systems in house.

By designing a CFD workflow that maximizes the use of HPC systems and eliminates the transfer of volume data sets, productivity gains can be tremendous.  The ability to run high resolution, time dependent simulations and full suites of design points allow every idea to be thoroughly vetted.  Intelligent Light sponsored research used this approach to help a single researcher perform over 60 simulations and evaluate nearly 3TB of data for the AIAA High Lift Prediction Workshop.  Result files were post-processed remotely and only compact XDB files were transferred to the user's local workstation.

Learn how this was accomplished and see how this approach can make your CFD workflow more capable and productive.

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