Intelligent Light and FieldView

Pursuing the Constructor's and Driver's F1 Championships with help from FieldView centric CFD workflow

CFD is a crucial engineering strength at Red Bull Racing where over 80% of their  Red Bull Racing Team Supplier logoaerodynamic design work is driven by CFD. CFD Team Leader, Nathan Sykes talks about where the challenges and achievements of his team using FieldView and automated CFD post-processing.

Red Bull Formula 1 - An elite team in Formula 1 Racing

After claiming the 2010 Formula 1 Constructor's and Driver's Championship and repeating the twin Title in 2011, the Red Bull's are a favorite at every race they contest.  The 2012 season is developing to be one of the most competitive in years and Red Bull F1 is always in the thick of it.  2012 is no different.

A team built upon great engineering and great driving brings the fastest cars on the track that were designed with heavy use of CFD and a model high-productivity workflow. We are proud of our association with the Red Bull team and all they have accomplished using FieldView for their CFD post-processing. Learn more about how high-productivity CFD using FieldView is helping Red Bull continue to stay on top!

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