Intelligent Light and FieldView

Scientific Visualization Showcase - SC12

This work was sponsored through a Phase II STTR by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and Program Manager Dr. Fariba Fabroo Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Copyright Intelligent Light ©2012

Intelligent Light's work on In-Situ Feature Tracking and Visualization  of a Temporal Mixing Layer has been accepted for publication and presentation at the SC12 conference in Salt Lake City, Utah this November.  This work was lead by Dr. Earl P.N. Duque, manager of Applied Research at Intelligent Light.

The prototype system knon as IFDT (Intelligent Feature Detection and Tracking) utilizes volume rendering with an Intelligent Adaptive Transfer Function that allows the user to train the visualization system to highlight flow features such as turbulent vortices.  A feature extractor then tracks and extracts the flow features and determines the statistics of features over time.  The method executes in-situ with the solver thus eliminating the time-consuming process saving of the data to a file before post-processing and analysis.

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