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Time Scale Visualizations in CFD Studies

 M.N.Godo, Ph.D. - FieldView Product Manager

Mixing processes are involved at some level in of nearly all chemical manufacturing processes and are fundamental to the successful operation of combustion-driven systems. Today, many CFD practitioners in the chemical process industry are able to use simulation to obtain detailed insight on the overall performance of their process equipment. However, it is still difficult to relate CFD data to the effective management and control of a particular process. In addition, the cost of production delays due to sudden, unexpected changes in product quality provide strong motivation to understand the impact and relevance of CFD studies that are focused on these areas.Related Information

Mixing Time Visualization for  Aerospace Applications (PDF 132K)

at the AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting in Reno Nevada, January, 2007.

This related article was also published in ANSYS Advantage Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 3.

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