Intelligent Light and FieldView

Wind Power Engineering feature: Simulating the Turbine, Simulating the Site

CFD for Wind Turbintes - Wind Power Engineering FieldView software from Intelligent Light. Isosurfaces highlight vortex wake structures generated by the wind turbine's rotor blades, the tower and nacelle, and how they interact with one another.

In a cover and feature article, Earl P.N. Duque, manager of Applied Research discusses the challenges and state of the art technologies that are in use today to increase performance and decrease the cost of energy for wind energy.

"Designing the most efficient and effective wind turbine calls for modeling tools that provide accurate, reliable numerical predictions of wind-turbine rotor performance over a machine’s full range of operating conditions. Simulating real-world conditions using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) lets users understand flow phenomena and their effects on the system, better predict the system’s power output, and analyze the types of vibration, fatigue, and other wear-and-tear the wind turbine may experience for the conditions modeled."

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