Intelligent Light and FieldView

High Lift Prediction Workshop (HiLiftPW-2)

FV14 multi-windows wing plot

HiLift Wing and plot FieldView 14 allows multiple interactive views of datasets.

Intelligent Light has been performing a grid convergence study and a Reynolds number study using OVERFLOW2 and FieldView.  The results of this study will be presented at the 2nd AIAA CFD High-Lift Prediction Workshop Sponsored by the Applied Aerodynamics Technical Committee.

1. Case 1 - Grid Convergence Study

  • Code: OVERFLOW2 version 2.2e

  • Grid: Coarse, medium, fine, extrafine mesh density overset grids as supplied by HiLiftPW-2 committee

  • Turbulence model: k-w-SST or Spalart-Almaras as coded in OVERFLOW2 verison 2.2e

2. Case 2a, 2b, 2c - Reynolds Number Study

  • Code: OVERFLOW2 verison 2.2e

  • Grid: Medium mesh density overset grids as supplied by HiLiftPW-2 committee

  • Turbulence model: k-w-SST or Spalart-Almaras as coded in OVERFLOW2 verison 2.2e

The OVERFLOW2 code from NASA was applied to the configuration. The OVERFLOW2 code numerically solves the compressible form of the Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations using implicit finite differences and overset grids. It has steady state algorithms and unsteady algorithms that are 1st or 2nd order in time. OVERFLOW2 utilizes overset Cartesian grids and curvilinear grids that define the surface of the wing, flap, slat and fuselage. To simulate laminar flow and turbulent flow, it uses algebraic or
2-equation models and also has the capability to perform Detached Eddy Simulations.


June 22-23, 2013

Associated with the 31st AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference, San Diego, CA.


CFD Canada 2013

CFD Society of CanadaIntelligent Light will participate in the 21st Annual Conference of the CFD Society of Canadato be held May 6-8 in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

 On Wednesday, FieldView Product Manager, Matthew N. Godo, Ph. D. will lead a 30-minute demonstration of FieldView.  See just how capable and accessible CFD can be.  The demonstration will be performed the latest FieldView release, now in beta testing.  See what the early users are so excited about!

 Then, in the main sessions, Dr. Godo will present  "On the Aerodynamics of Racing Bicycles" , a peer reviewed study in efficient CFD workflows for production environments.  The presentation shares the lessons learned in working with a small manufacturer to deliver high-performance CFD for use by an existing engineering team. Early results lead to tremendous productivity, expanded design exploration, and more good new ideas.  The company product doubled revenue and added 120 new manufacturing jobs to meet the new demand for a great product.   They added no new engineering or IT staff but are working with state of the art tools and workflow design.

 If you will be at CFD Canada, don't miss Dr. Godo's presentations.


Newsletter: A Billion Cells and Beyond

This edition features CFD for small-medium sized organizations, large data stories, Formula 1 news, and Digital Manufacturing Report's most popular article ever.

Multistage Turbofan

FieldView image courtesy of Professor Steven E. Gorrell, Brigham Young University.

In this issue:

  • A Billion Cells and Beyond

  • Accelerating Product Engineering at Smaller Organizations

  • FieldView Automation in Turbomachinery

  • The New F1 Season Heats Up with CFD at the Front of the Grid

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Accelerating product engineering at smaller organizations

Digital Manufacturing ReportCFD for the Rest of Us - Digital Manufacturing Report explains how the latest CFD capabilities and services are helping small-medium sized manufacturers (SMMs) succeed with affordable, high-productivity CFD.

The coming of age for CFD simulation for small and medium sized manufacturers (SMMs) is finally a reality. The story shows how the HPC-enabled CFD gap is bridged between large, established CFD users, and the smaller companies who have long seen limited success with sophisticated simulation-driven design.  Intelligent Light has been recognized for its ability to bring together the necessary elements to quickly make these organizations successful without major new capital projects or hiring new engineering staff from outside their industry. Read the Article


Concept to Reality Magazine Explores CFD Workflow Automation

CFD Advances Racing Bike Performance (FieldView & AcuSolve)
Intelligent Light's multi-year collaboration with Acusim and Altair resulted in important new developments in CFD workflow design and automation.  The productivity gains allowed the study's subject matter, aerodynamic bicycle racing wheel design to be better understood than had been previously possible given the state of the art in wind tunnel testing and the limited CFD that had been applied to the problem.Concept to Reality (C2R) Magazine covers the story in the article: CFD Advances Racing Bike Performance.

Using high-fidelity modeling and truly inovative post-processing, study authors Matthew N. Godo, Ph. D.(Intelligent Light) and David Corson, Ph. D. (Altair) explored 3.6GB of steady state and 1.2TB of unsteady data from tens of thousands of calculations in days using a well engineered automated CFD workflow.

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