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Whitepaper: Slashing unsteady data size with XDB workflow results in huge productivity gains

Unsteady rotorcraft CFD analysis can generate mountains of grid and solution data, making transfer across networks time-consuming and often impractcal. Further the large data places a strain on available storage resources. XDB-based CFD workflow, made possible by FieldView 13, enables analysts to significantly reduce data size and better utilize remote HPC systems, achieving dramatic performance and productivity gains in the process. The means getting to answers faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

This technical case study outlines XDB-based workflow approaches for an unsteady rotorcraft simulation. FieldView post-processed the transient data remotely, outputting XDB (eXtract database) files that reduced the size of the dataset from 36.4GB to 127.5MB – a reduction factor of 286. Transftering only these smaller files to a remote workstation for interactive review, high quality and extremely fast graphics allowed the analyst to view the time-dependent simulation results at more than 80 frames per second while sweeping through the data, rotating, panning and zooming.

Whitepaper: Slashing unsteady data size with XDB workflow results in huge productivity gains


More performance again! The CFD Revolution Continues as FieldView Brings More Speed and a New Direct Reader for OpenFOAM® data

Quickly delivering a new release on the revolutionary FieldView 13 platform, version 13.1 brings new performance and productivity benefits tom users. New capabilities include:

  • Manage transient data 4-7X faster

  • Increase dataset sampling and probing speeds by up to 200

  • New direct reader for OpenFOAM
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FieldView 13: A New Point of View - Feature in Desktop Engineering

FieldView Product Manager Matt Godo says, "Our goal was to allow engineers to do more in less time to make better decisions.”

Desktop Engineering explains why FieldView 13 is exceeding these and the industry's expectations. FieldView 13 is setting new standards for speed, productivity, image quality, and productivity while fitting into existing workflows and user expectations.

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Digital Manufacturing Report feature article: Designing Bicycle Wheels in the Cloud

"Sometimes apparently simple things have an underlying complexity that is astounding. Take a bicycle wheel for example. It's round, has a rim, a tire and some spokes and turns in a circle. Simple, right? -- Wrong."

See how Intelligent Light’s ongoing studies are helping provide a bridge to HPC enabled CFD for Small and Medium Manufacturers (SMMs). The work showcases techniques for high productivity, CFD data management, and HPC cloud-friendly workflows.

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Achieve 10-100x Productivity Improvement with the Game Changing new FieldView Version 13

The release of FieldView™ Version 13 from Intelligent Light drives CFD post-processing performance and productivity to new levels, giving users more speed, control, and flexibility than was ever possible before.

FieldView 13 delivers a comprehensive package of integrated, intuitive tools that provide unprecedented speed, performance, and productivity right out of the box. Wholly new technologies have improved every aspect of the user’s experience and will move the state of the art in CFD far forward.