FieldView 13 – How You’ve Always Wanted CFD to Work

FieldView set the standard for advanced CFD post-processing and visualization. With unprecedented speed, performance, and productivity right out of the box, FieldView 13 raises the bar even higher. Featuring a completely new graphics core, an intuitive and customizable GUI, and a host of interactive tools, FieldView 13 represents a game-changing approach to managing the CFD workflow.

FieldView 13 recreates your CFD workflow as significantly faster, lighter, and more agile at every step. Use smaller, specialized XDBs (extract databases) to shrink read-in times and tame the data management monster. Interactively explore your data extremely fast with sweep caching – rotate, zoom, and sweep through both steady and unsteady cases with ease and without sacrificing fidelity.

FieldView 13 is dramatically faster, delivering performance tuned to your available HPC resources. Overall, you can gain productivity improvements of one to two orders of magnitude. Operations such as point probing, dataset sampling, and streamline and streakline calculation run lightning fast. Using XDB file sequences, you can manage even complex transient data 4-7 times faster.

FieldView 13 puts your efficiency and productivity first, automatically saving your GUI preferences for easy customization. Its all-new, platform-independent interface reduces mouse clicks and pop-ups, and provides new features like dockable toolbars to enhance your experience.

FieldView 13 offers simple yet robust automation tools to speed your workflow, while batch and parallel processing options maximize the use of your HPC resources.

Try FieldView 13 for free for 30 days. There’s nothing to lose, and a world of CFD productivity and performance to gain.


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“We need to have confidence in our tools in order to put the results on the car. With the lack of testing time nowadays, we have to be reasonably sure they will work straightaway. I can’t think of anything we put on the car last season, either from the wind tunnel or CFD, that didn’t generally act as we expected it to act on the track.”

Nathan Sykes, CFD Team Leader, Red Bull Technology

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