FieldView 14 – CFD Results Without Compromise

FieldView 14 – CFD Results Without Compromise

FieldView is the industry’s tool of choice for CFD without compromise. Make your decisions quickly and with confidence.  With CFD data management, workflow productivity, and HPC capabilities FieldView users perform the CFD studies they need without constraining their simulations to meet resource limitations.

CFD is critical to organizations across industry and research. The insights that are achieved with high-fidelity CFD eclipse what was possible even just a few years ago. Successful analysts harness the power of HPC and modern CFD to develop highly productive workflows that generate accurate, timely, and actionable results that support better decision making. If your CFD workflow is not making this kind of impact contact us today.

Parallel Power to the People!

FieldView is designed for scalability and every standard FieldView license will run on 8 CPU cores. For HPC users, additional scalability (32, 64, or unlimited cores) is available at moderate additional cost. Run FieldView on a local system, on-site or cloud-based server, even across virtualized resources all standard and with maximum performance.

CFD Data Management

CFD data is large and impractical to move. With the CFD data management tools in FieldView you work with the data where it is generated: interactively or in batch processes using FieldView XDB files. FieldView XDB files are a fraction of the size of the original volume data and can be used for local, interactive post-processing, interrogation of transient results, and for archives.

Without FieldView

WITH FieldView

“I often have to postpone a meeting because CFD images aren’t ready.”

– External Aero Team Manager. European automotive manufacturer

“FieldView can automatically process computational results.   For one CFD result with 2 million grid points, I can extract data and graphs in just a few minutes.”

- CFD Engineer of Aerodynamic Research, JAXA (Japan)

“Our boss is giving us new geometries faster than we can review the results we have.”

– CAE engineer

“Corvid Technologies generates thousands of three-dimensional (CFD) solutions every year on complex geometries. The ability to automate this process can reduce flow-viz time requirements by 50 percent or more.”

- David F. Robinson, Ph.D., President, Corvid Technologies

“I am post-processing just 1% of my simulation data”

CAE Manager, major manufacturing company

“Even beyond the CFD...the secret sauce here is in the handling of the MASSIVE amounts of data, (…) that's what FieldView brought to the table that has completely changed the game. -- FieldView runs and extracts all the critical data, critical cut planes, surface boundaries, etc, captures pre-defined images and makes pre-defined videos...all in a batch process that we never touch. from 1.5 Tb we pull down 80-120mb of critical information (that is) actionable and understandable by humans.”

– Josh Poertner, Director of Engineering, Zipp Speed Weaponry

FieldView 14 offers simple yet robust automation tools to speed your workflow, while batch and parallel processing options maximize the use of your HPC resources.

Experience the speed, facility and powerful insights FieldView14 delivers. Contact us today!


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“We need to have confidence in our tools in order to put the results on the car. With the lack of testing time nowadays, we have to be reasonably sure they will work straightaway. I can’t think of anything we put on the car last season, either from the wind tunnel or CFD, that didn’t generally act as we expected it to act on the track.”

Nathan Sykes, CFD Team Leader, Red Bull Technology

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