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FieldView 15 – Advancing CFD.  Advancing You.

FieldView is the industry’s tool of choice when engineers must deliver ever better results within fast design cycles.  Use FieldView to make your decisions quickly and with confidence. (FieldView 16 is our current release)

Use FieldView to Solve

  • Harness the power of your computing resources with highly efficient, scalable FieldView running locally or remotely for your convenience.
  • Develop optimized workflows that eliminate the movement of results files, increase performance, and automate your repeatable or complex tasks.
  • Use FieldView XDBs for data management, allowing small packages of data to replace large results files while maintaining full numerical fidelity.

Use FieldView to Sell

  • FieldView makes it easy to create and deliver compelling animations that make your point clear.
  • Use FieldView XDBs to enable high-performance, fully interactive explorations of transient data as it is animated.
  • High-speed, multi-windows graphics enable direct qualitative and quantiative comparissons to make your story engaging and understandable.

Scale with FieldView

  • Every FieldView license is a parallel FieldView license.  Use parallel to reduce the time to read and post-process your data.  Tackle problems that you never had time to attempt before!
  • Return on investment by getting more from your hardware with FieldView's compute and memory resource efficiency.
  • Increase the resolution and accuracy of your simulations and explore more design variations using batch processing to offload more work to your computer systems.  Automate batch processes to deliver exactly the information you need when you need it.

Count on FieldView to help you deliver your best work and stand out from the crowd.  As an individual and as an institution, FieldView enables you to increase the capacity and the impact CFD makes for your organization.

If your are ready to advance your CFD contact us today and let us show you how we can help you advance toward and beyond today's goals.

FieldView 15 delivered new capabilities:

  • 50 different colormaps now directly accessible from the interface
  • Increased peformance and control over extract generation (XDBs)
  • Reduced memory footprint when working with very large surfaces
  • New templates and tools for multi-windows
  • Introduction of XDBView, a new standalone viewer for FieldView XDBs which is open licensed and can be freely shared among colleagues.
  • See the latest capabilities in FieldView 16

Without FieldView

WITH FieldView

“I often have to postpone a meeting because CFD images aren’t ready.”

– External Aero Team Manager. European automotive manufacturer

“FieldView can automatically process computational results.   For one CFD result with 2 million grid points, I can extract data and graphs in just a few minutes.”

- CFD Engineer of Aerodynamic Research, JAXA (Japan)

“Our boss is giving us new geometries faster than we can review the results we have.”

– CAE engineer

“Corvid Technologies generates thousands of three-dimensional (CFD) solutions every year on complex geometries. The ability to automate this process can reduce flow-viz time requirements by 50 percent or more.”

- David F. Robinson, Ph.D., President, Corvid Technologies

“I am post-processing just 1% of my simulation data”

CAE Manager, major manufacturing company

“Even beyond the CFD...the secret sauce here is in the handling of the MASSIVE amounts of data, (…) that's what FieldView brought to the table that has completely changed the game. -- FieldView runs and extracts all the critical data, critical cut planes, surface boundaries, etc, captures pre-defined images and makes pre-defined videos...all in a batch process that we never touch. from 1.5 Tb we pull down 80-120mb of critical information (that is) actionable and understandable by humans.”

– Josh Poertner, Director of Engineering, Zipp Speed Weaponry

 Experience the speed, productivity and powerful insights FieldView delivers. Contact us today!


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“Engineering processes that include both data and knowledge management allow firms to develop high-confidence results quickly. By continuously developing workflows using the tools in FieldView, users decrease cycle times and generate knowledge at an increasing rate. This acceleration means creates more distance between leaders and their competitors.”