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FieldView 17 – Advancing CFD.  Advancing You.

FieldView is the industry’s tool of choice when engineers must deliver better results within fast design cycles.  Use FieldView to make your decisions quickly and with confidence.

FieldView 17 Delivers

FieldView 17 advances the state of the art in straightforward data analysis while continuing to improve performance for time-intensive tasks.   

New FieldView Data Analysis Framework

  • Perform Reduced Order Analysis (ROA) with Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD)
  • Compute FFT for unsteady analysis
  • Interfaces with MATLAB, GNU Octave and many other tools via MAT-file export
  • Interfaces with Excel, NumPy and R via CSV export
  • FieldView 17 ships with GNU Octave, Python modules (Windows and Linux 64bit - NumPy, Maltplotlib, etc), example scripts and a full data analysis demonstration package

“Wow 5.7M points took less than one minute to point probe using Fieldview 17! This is substantially faster than my solver's tool.”

Our product development team never tires of pursuing faster performance in FieldView

  • Many users of commercial solvers are adopting arbitrary polyhedra cells which increases the number of nodes and slows post-processing. FieldView 17 delivers 3X faster reads of these arb poly datasets.
  • Surface sampling now 30% faster for tetrahedra, 130% faster for arbitrary polyhedra, while increasing user control of sampled variables.
  • XDB and surface only files are 40% faster to read in FieldView 17
  • Built-in Q-criterion function in FieldView 17 is easier and 10x faster than formulas

Asian Fonts - Support has been expanded for international characters (Japanese, Chinese, Korean).  Use native characters in file, path, and variable names, as well as when identifying boundary types, legends, annotations and more.

In Situ Advances - Write XDBs straight from your solver - Our XDB advantage program allows solvers to write XDBs directly from in-house, open source or commercial solvers that have been instrumented with Libsim from Intelligent Light. 
     NEW! Write XDBs directly from ANSYS® Fluent® 18.2.

XDBlib 2.0 increases output performance for in situ processing

  • Parallel XDB export
  • Order of magnitude performance increase over writing volume files

Also New in FieldView 17

  • High performance point query, up to 100,000s of points per second allows full resampling of results on regular grid. MAT-File and CSV interface makes it easy to compare simulation results to EFD data.
  • Support for up to 100,000 time steps in unsteady simulations
  • Reader updates
  • Faster Surface Flows
For more details on FieldView 17 features, view our What's New in FieldView 17 document.

Without FieldView

WITH FieldView

“I often have to postpone a meeting because CFD images aren’t ready.”

– External Aero Team Manager. European automotive manufacturer

“FieldView can automatically process computational results.   For one CFD result with 2 million grid points, I can extract data and graphs in just a few minutes.”

- CFD Engineer of Aerodynamic Research, JAXA (Japan)

“Our boss is giving us new geometries faster than we can review the results we have.”

– CAE engineer

“Wow 5.7M points took less than one minute to point probe using Fieldview 17! This is substantially faster than my solver's tool.”

- Aerospace Engineer

Experience the speed, productivity and powerful insights FieldView 17 delivers. Contact us today!

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“FieldView is one of the easiest packages to learn; it’s very straightforward. There may be a lot of experience required to run the CFD solver code properly, but not a lot of experience is needed to look at the results. That’s one of FieldView’s strengths.”

Aerodynamics Engineer, Navistar

For more details on FieldView 17 features, view our the What's New in FieldView 17 document.