Choosing The Right FieldView Solution

FieldView products are available in annual and perpetual licenses. Licenses are floating and available to entire team through your license server.

  • Annual license (A) - Product license and support for specific annual or multi-year term.
  • Perpetual license (P) - Product license is purchased upfront in perpetuity but support is paid annually.
  • Single system (SS) - A node-locked (non-floating) license that runs only on a specific system for a single user. Using FieldView in client-server mode provides flexibility for compute-intensive tasks.
Product Comparison
License Options
fieldview The world's most useful and productive CFD tool. Proven across domains, FieldView delivers powerful, robust post-processing and visualization from desktops to HPC. Supports up to eight processor cores.
A, P, SS



Get your results faster by using multi-core and HPC resources

  • Speed up data reading and calculations
  • Large size, multi-grid cases
  • Improve price/performance 5x or more
A, P


Batch Pack

Batch Pack

  • Run scripts and automated workflows without user interaction
  • Leverage HPC resources to complete tasks more quickly
  • Available in packs of 5, 10, 20, 200
  • Discounts of up to 90% off standard FieldView pricing



Bring FieldView into large-scale, immersive environments.

  • Better understand complex flows
  • Collaborate and present your results
  • Utilize large screen multi-projection displays with or without tracking devices
A, P
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