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Introducing VisIt Prime - Ultrascale VisIt processing and visualization for real world engineering

VisIt is the premier visualization tool for ultrascale systems.  Developed by the US Department of Energy, VisIt is built from its inception to run on systems with hundreds of thousands of cores.  Intelligent Light has been working to harden VisIt and overcome the limitations for production engineering use.  Throughout this development we have continuously contributed to the source tree and played an important role in the established VisIt community. VisIt Prime gives users a robust, reliable and fully supported software release backed by Intelligent Light’s first class global support team.  

Why VisIt Prime?

  • No license cost penalty for scalability
  • Fully supported by Intelligent Light
  • In situ with VisIt and Libsim
  • Opportunity for custom engineered scalable workflows and development
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VisIt Prime provides you with:

  • Scalable results processing and powerful visualization capability
  • Data readers for dozens of data formats
  • Premier in situ processing engine for CFD via VisIt and Libsim
  • Export results to FieldView XDBs to manage data size and enable interactive post-processing
  • No cost penalty for scalability, even with very large systems
  • Tested, quality software release combines all current community and IL contributions into one distribution
  • No in-house software development requirement
  • Fully tested and supported releases, no compiling
  • Direct access to VisIt expert users and developers via professional support team

Use with HPC FieldView and combine the power of VisIt with an experience that is best in class for ease of use and reliability, plus presentation quality graphics, 3D PDF and keyframe animation. You will be able to maximize productivity with engineered workflows that leverage the CFD specific capabilities of FieldView.

The Intelligent Light Custom Engineered Solutions group is available to design and build workflows and custom tools to meet your organization’s needs.  We can help you exploit the power of your CFD solvers and compute systems to deliver more answers with greater confidence within your existing schedules.

When paired with HPC FieldView:

VisIt gives FieldView Users

  • Over 100 new readers: HDF5, CHOMBO, EXODUS II, NetCDF, XDMF etc.
  • Proven scalability on 100s of thousands of cores
  • Scalable ray cast and volume rendering on HPC nodes
  • In situ (live or batch connection directly to solver memory) operation using libsim

FieldView gives VisIt Users

  • Ease of use & productivity 
  • Robust & reliable engineering software
  • High speed, presentation-quality graphics
  • 3D PDF export
  • Key-frame animation
  • Backwards compatibility protects your investments in workflow productivity
  • Data management with XDBs

  VisIt Prime is available now. Learn more, contact us today!

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"VisIt’s big-data capacity will let FieldView handle a wider range of CFD visualization tasks. But 'if you want to turn it into a commercial product, you really have to spend the time to customize things to people’s workflows,' Eric Brugger, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Scientist said. 'We’ve customized it to our workflows in the DOE community, but it doesn’t always fit other users." - DOE Visualizing Success Case Study.