Utilizing CFD to Teach Fundamental Concepts in Universities - Intelligent Light and FieldView

The Intelligent Light University Partner Program (UPP) provides software grants and training in support of education and research in fluid mechanics and CFD. Our partners include many universities in the US and abroad, and we take pride in our collaborations.

Our University Partners are listed below. Their work includes advanced CFD methods, evolving new educational tools and strategies, and the use of CFD to advance knowledge within specific domains. We are pleased to share some selected papers. For information about becoming a University Partner, please contact Earl P.N. Duque, Manager of Applied Research Group.

University Partners




Arizona State University

UC Davis

University of Wisconsin Engine Research Center, Dr. Randy P. Hessel

University of Wyoming

US Air Force Academy

Wichita State University

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“The program allows Aerospace Engineering students to learn how an airfoil performs under certain characteristics. Allowing students to use their creativity while learning is one of the most important aspects of education and the program captures this very well. I would give this my highest recommendation for students in the future to use."

Student, Arizona State University