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“The “traditional” way of post-processing, loading each full CFD database and performing various data operations and comparisons is no longer feasible, not even if it´s being fully scripted and automated!”

Torbjörn Larsson, Creo Dynamics,
former CFD Team Leader for Sauber, BMW and Ferrari

The traditional way of post-processing is no longer feasible but developing a production-level workflow that streamlines your work and delivers greater insight is something many organizations can’t undertake by themselves.

Through on-site benchmarks, HPC resource analysis and by reviewing your current workflow, we can provide customized, documented and supported workflows that exceed your needs.

Custom Engineered Solutions builds on your organization’s unique knowledge, transforming it into a reliable, reusable and automated workflow.

  • Achieve greater throughput with our industry leading, innovative approach and expertise
  • Take full advantage of your HPC and desktop resources
  • Share results in standard reports, including plots and movies or as 3D-PDF on your desktop, in PowerPoint presentations and even on a phone or tablet

Even when fully automated, a traditional CFD workflow requires working with full volume data through the entire process. This puts incredible pressure on compute and storage resources, wasting time on file I/O and data transfer. Our industry leading approach applies full fidelity data extracts to remove waste while ensuring accuracy. When saving the full volume solution is prohibitive, in situ techniques can be used to extract high fidelity data as the solver runs.

Intelligent Light’s Custom Engineered Solutions are proven! Here are some examples from our clients:

  • A top Formula One team gained five times the throughput without buying new hardware
  • A national lab implemented in situ post-processing on one of the biggest HPC systems in the world
  • A global research effort is now able to capture and automate best practices for post-processing rotocraft CFD in the cloud

In each case, Intelligent Light solved the most demanding challenges through tailored, production-level solutions that significantly advanced the capabilities of our customers.

To achieve greater throughput, leverage HPC resources or simply get to the meeting on time, call us. We’ll make getting to the next level of productivity painless. Contact us.

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“In a couple of hours, I've written scripts that generate in about 30 minutes max all the outputs that take 5 hours to create with their commercial solver's post-processor."

Yves-Marie Lefebvre, Intelligent Light