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“Wow 5.7M points took less than one minute to point probe using Fieldview 17! This is substantially faster than my solver's tool.”

Modal Analysis with FieldView 17

CFD Data Analysis with FieldView 17
Thursday, May 3 
12:00 noon EDT (16:00 GMT)
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If you rely on Excel, Matlab, Octave and NumPy in your daily work, FieldView 17 allows fast I/O of CFD data for further analysis through MAT-File and CSV.

Query your CFD results at super-high speed (200,000 points/sec and more) from a list of points provided in *.mat, *.csv or plain text.

FieldView surfaces can also be exported to MAT-File and CSV to perform Reduced Order Analysis (DMD, POD, etc.) Fourier transforms and many more analyses.

Because performance matters, FieldView 17 also provides:

  • New built in Q-criterion function - easy to use and 10 X faster than previous FieldView
  • 10 X faster reading of arbitrary polyhedral cells
  • 2 X faster Surface Flow calculation
  • 40% faster reading of XDB extracts

Please join us for this live web event. If you would like to watch a recording, register now, and we will send you a note when the recording is available.

Please join us.

Thursday, May 3  
  • 12:00 noon EDT (16:00 GMT)

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Yves-Marie Lefebvre
FieldView Product Chief
Intelligent Light