CFD Explained for Business Managers

The power of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is leveraged across industries as varied as aerospace, energy, casting and architecture.

CFD has the potential to greatly benefit the design process by providing new ways to analyze and understand the performance of products before they are manufactured. However, fluid dynamics is non-linear and phenomena such as turbulence require specialized approximations. Expertise in CFD is still required for success; the key in today’s market is to be able to leverage a smaller amount of expertise over more projects.

Post-processing is a key leverage point in maximizing CFD ROI – this is the “pay-off”, where insight is gained, decisions are made. People at large corporations have told us: “With our current methods, we are post-processing less than 1% of our computed results.” Handling huge data reliably and rapidly, in an automated fashion, is a strength of Intelligent Lights’ various software tools and methodologies. Use the CFD expertise in your organization to standardize reports and the post-processing workflow to remove bottlenecks and improve reliability and usefulness of CFD results. Then deploy to designers and engineers.

If your organization is interested in increasing the reliability and predictive quality of CFD, see our ‘Risk Reduction’ solutions for Uncertainty Quantification and Validation/Verification.   If interpreting and communicating results is a bottleneck, refer to our Data Science and Visualization tools.  Finally if scaling an existing CFD infrastructure to HPC and the cloud, we provide solutions for HPC Scale Engineering Workflows

Your selection of Intelligent Light as a solution provider gives you best-in-class technology and world class deployment support from domain experts all with a low total cost of ownership and a trusted partner in Intelligent Light, committed to your success with CFD.


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