Intelligent Light and JAXA Demonstrate the Power of Kombyne™ In Transit Co-processing for CFD Simulations

RUTHERFORD, NJ — Intelligent Light in collaboration with JAXA demonstrated the power of Kombyne in transit co-processing for CFD Simulations at the Supercomputing 22 event in Dallas, Texas.

“The demonstration shown at Supercomputing 22 showed that in transit co-processing by Kombyne™ is robust enough to run across thousands of miles via the Internet,” said Intelligent Light CEO Steve Legensky, “JAXA has been relying on Intelligent Light visualization and post-processing tools since the early days of FieldView.  Simulations have grown in size and complexity over the years to today’s situation where writing multi-terabyte output files is simply impractical.  Co-processing has been used by JAXA to make large unsteady CFD simulations practical since 2017.”

JAXA used OpenFOAM with a Kombyne™ integration on their supercomputer in Japan which Intelligent Light had already instrumented with Kombyne™.  The system used to run the OpenFOAM with Kombyne™ is part of the JAXA JSS3 supercomputer complex in Chofu, a suburb of Tokyo.  OpenFOAM was solving the demo case of a rider on a motorcycle.  Cutting planes and geometry of the rider and cycle were extracted into the Kombyne™ endpoint in Japan as the solver ran.


The zeroMQ transport option of Kombyne™ connected the endpoint in Tokyo to the endpoint in Dallas where the Kombyne™ GUI  in the booth displays real-time performance and strip chart information.  The endpoint in Dallas also writes out the cutting planes and geometries with scalar values as vtk datasets, which were visualized in ParaView.  Using the steering tabs on the GUI, the location of the cut plane can be moved as the solver runs.  A laptop was all that was required in Dallas.

About Intelligent Light

Founded in 1984, Intelligent Light™ developed FieldView which became one of the world’s leading software tools for visualization and post-processing of CFD.  In October 2019, Intelligent Light™ decided to spin off FieldView into an entity focused on the packaged software business (FieldView CFD, Inc.) which now allows Intelligent Light™ to focus on subscription-based HPC and digital twin products.  The company also participates in contracted R&D efforts.  Development of Kombyne™ was supported by the US Department of Energy via grant DE-SC0018633.  For more information, contact our Public Relations Team: [email protected].

Kombyne™ and Intelligent Light™ are trademarks of JMSI, Inc.

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