Intelligent Light Announces The Release of IntelliTwin® Suite – The Realizable Digital Thread for HPC Simulations

RUTHERFORD, NJ Intelligent Light is currently shipping subscriptions of IntelliTwin® Suite which both organizes HPC workflows and forms a cohesive interface between HPC workflows and systems engineering requirements.  As a backbone for Digital Twin, IntelliTwin® is a Digital Thread which manages data provenance and workflows for projects.  It does this with minimal intrusion into established engineering workflows.

Some of the valuable benefits provided by IntelliTwin® Suite are increased simulation workflow throughput and confidence through repeatable and self-documenting workflows.  Other benefits include the management of simulation workflow assets which include results, provenance and other metadata.  Through non-invasive management of provenance and metadata, IntelliTwin® Suite supports customer mandates and regulations regarding results accreditation.  IntelliTwin® Suite can integrate HPC workflows with your PLM software and can be customized via its open RESTful API infrastructure.

Steve Legensky, President of Intelligent Light, remarked about IntelliTwin® Suite, “Everyone is talking about Digital Twins these days and that can mean many things.  At the core of any Digital Twin plan is the issue of effective management and the use of data from test and results from simulation; we call that the Digital Thread.  We have developed the IntelliTwin® Suite as an open and extensible architecture, agnostic with respect to solver codes, PLM systems, and HPC resources.  It is designed to fit into your Digital Twin strategy as you develop and deploy it.  The sooner you can begin organizing your valuable simulation and test assets, the more extensive your library of reusable information becomes.”

The IntelliTwin® Suite is comprised of the IntelliTwin® Core (workflow and metadata management), SpectreUQTM (easy and efficient uncertainty quantification), KombyneTM (co-processing and visualization), and the Data Analytics Suite (frequency and modal analysis).


About Intelligent Light

Founded in 1984, Intelligent Light™ developed FieldView which became one of the world’s leading software tools for visualization and post-processing of CFD.  In 2019, Intelligent Light™ spun off FieldView into an entity focused on packaged software (FieldView CFD, Inc.) so that Intelligent Light™ could focus on subscription-based HPC and digital twin products.  The company also performs applied research to meet customer needs.  Development of SpectreUQ™ and Kombyne™ were supported by the US Department of Energy via grants DE-SC0018633 and DE-SC0015162.  For more information, contact our Public Relations Team: [email protected].

IntelliTwin®, Kombyne™, and Intelligent Light™ are trademarks of JMSI, Inc.








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