Intelligent Light at SC23 in Booth 1715

Smarter Data Made Even Faster – See Kombyne™ 2.0 @ SC23 Booth 1715


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Intelligent Light is introducing Kombyne™ 2.0, providing parallel I/O techniques directly from each HPC rank to greatly speed up writing VTK/FVUNS files to disk, eliminating bottlenecks preventing people from using full fidelity volume data from solvers, like OpenFOAM.   Kombyne™ attaches to running simulations, providing interactive visualization and solver steering in a new zero footprint web GUI.

Kombyne™ is a component of our IntelliTwin™ Suite, the enterprise open source software that delivers a Realizable Digital Thread for HPC.  Other components are SpectreUQ, delivering HPC-scale Uncertainty Quantification for any solver or workflow, IntelliTwin™, an HPC-scale distributed data management tool embracing metadata and provenance ontologies and the Data Analytics Suite, enabling frequency and modal decomposition workflows.

Contact Monica via [email protected] if you would like to schedule a meeting at our booth!

Intellitwin Suite, the Realizable Digital Thread for Engineering, enables Digital Engineering
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