Intelligent Light Events at SciTech 2023

RUTHERFORD, NJ — Intelligent Light Events at SciTech 2023


We are excited to introduce The IntelliTwin® Suite, the Realizable Digital Thread for Simulation




itwin f161
 Visit us at SciTech 2023 (booth #316) and discover how you can:

             – Increase simulation workflow throughput & confidence

             – Manage simulation workflow assets: results, provenance and other metadata

            – Support customer mandates and regulations regarding results accreditation

            – Integrate HPC workflows with your PLM software

Intelligent Light Supporting the Aerospace Community

Monday, January 23 18:00-19:00 EST – Uncertainty Quantification Discussion Group Meeting: UQ Challenge Problem
Dr. Earl P.N. Duque, co-organizer

Wednesday, 25 January 09:30 – 11:10 EST – Physics Based Model Improvement, Machine Learning and AI
(CFD2030 – 5; National Harbor 13)
Session Chair: Scott Morton and Earl P.N. Duque

And in that same session at 9:30 EST:
Summary of the CFD 2030 Integration Committee Invited Panel on Physics Based Model Improvement and Uncertainty Quantification for the Digital Engineering Transformation (AIAA-2023-1200)
Panelists included Dr. Earl P.N. Duque and Steve Legensky of Intelligent Light, along with experts from Lockheed Martin Corporation, the US DOD and the DOE, Office of Science





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