The Realizable Digital Thread for Simulation

The IntelliTwin™ Suite

Intelligent Light is taking a leading role in enterprise-level solutions for engineering simulation Digital Threads.  The IntelliTwin™ Suite and associated Solution services provide the capability to efficiently and effectively create and manage auditable Digital Threads based on your simulation workflows.  The IntelliTwin™ Suite software modules were born on the most powerful computers in the world and refined to work on HPC everywhere. They are designed to respond to the crushing demands of business while delivering uncompromising engineering solutions

  • Increase simulation workflow throughput & confidence
  • Leverage your simulation workflow investment with no need to validate new workflows
  • Manage simulation workflow provenance
  • Support customer mandates:
    • AR 5-11 data management & provenance
    • DoD VAULTIS compliant Digital Thread
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Non-invasive approach to enhance your existing simulation

The IntelliTwin™ Suite of tools encompass a broad range of capabilities to enable improved simulation throughput, confidence, and traceability.

  • Intelligently Managed Workflows, Data and Provenenace (intelliTwin™ Core)
  • Smarter Simulation Data Faster (Kombyne™)
  • Understanding Simulation Sensitivity and Uncertainty (SpectreUQ™)
  • Climbing the Mountain of Simulation Data (Data Analytics Suite)
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Advanced Solutions Designed for Your Success

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Enterprise Open Source

Your team can review, modify and enhance code – it’s your choice.  Collaboration by a community benefits all users.

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Domain Experts

We have built a team of experts in CFD, HPC, Uncertainty Quantification, Visualization and Data Science.

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Provided via an annual subscription without user count restrictions and in source code form.

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