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The Frontier of Data Science, Capacity & Visualization

Our software solutions were born on the most powerful computers in the world and refined to work on HPC everywhere. They are designed to respond to the crushing demands of business while delivering uncompromising engineering solutions.

Intelligent Light is taking a leading role in enterprise open source solutions for engineering. We firmly embrace and empower open source software and are building a global community of engineering experts, data scientists and developers. The collective efficacy and knowledge of enterprise visualization open source is proven by the extraordinary results it delivers.

Advanced Solutions Designed for Your Success

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Provided via an annual subscription without user count restrictions and in source code form.

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Enterprise Open Source

Your team can review, modify and enhance code – it’s your choice.  Collaboration by a community benefits all users.

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Domain Experts

We have built a team of experts in CFD, Uncertainty Quantification, Visualization, Data Science and HPC.

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Comprehensive and
Integrated Toolset

Our suite of tools encompass Uncertainty Quantification (SpectreUQ™), Validation/Verification (SnapShot™), Visualization (VisIt Prime™ and HPC FieldView) and databasing (NIMBLE). 

All of these tools are integrated by extract workflows, where only the important portions of the simulation data are saved and operated upon. 

Kombyne™ plays an essential role in getting the data efficiently from the simulation or test software into extract form.   Batch and interactive solver monitoring and steering are also provided.

All Intelligent Light tools are built as distributed components can be operated on a local network or remotely.  Use your own HPC resources or utilize the cloud.

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