WEBINAR: Supercharge Performance When Scaling Up OpenFOAM

Learn How Kombyne™ Provides a 50X Speedup & Reduces File Counts When Scaling Up OpenFOAM


Join us at 11AM Eastern on Wednesday, Dec. 13 for a 30 minute TEAMS Webinar

Attend this webinar to see how you can relieve painfully slow VTK output and enable fast FVUNS writes with Kombyne™. Eliminate bottlenecks and easily use full fidelity volume data from OpenFOAM and other CFD codes. Kombyne™ attaches to running simulations, providing interactive visualization and solver steering in a new zero footprint web GUI.

SC23 KB demo screen

Kombyne™ 2.0 Zero Footprint Web Client

Accelerate your success for CFD simulations on large scale HPC Systems. Learn how to break the barriers to enable more engineers and designers to utilize large scale HPC.  

Kombyne™: Smarter Simulation Data Faster

  • Increase simulation workflow confidence and productivity with consistent smart key simulation data extraction
  • Reduce HPC resources and costs by migrating post-processing to automated batch workflows
  • Enhance throughput and reliability of HPC simulation

Kombyne™ is fully integrated in the IntelliTwin™ Suite from Intelligent Light, which provides the capability to efficiently and effectively create and manage auditable Digital Threads based on your simulation workflows. IntelliTwin™ was built for large scale complex CFD simulations on some of the largest HPC systems in the world, with support for both commercial and non-commercial analysis codes, and is “the realizable Digital Thread for Simulation.”

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