WEBINAR: Implementing DoD Mandated Digital Engineering in Aerospace

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The Realizable Digital Thread for Simulation – IntelliTwin™

Attend this webinar to see a new solution to the problem of HPC data management, re-usability and provenance capture with auditable Digital Threads.  Accelerate your success for CFD simulations on large scale HPC Systems. Spending on HPC and CFD analysis is going up, but that does not always translate to getting better products to market faster or better products.  The US Department of Defense has established goals to work more closely with suppliers to share information digitally and the tools to accomplish this can also help your organization to get more benefits from your HPC investments. IntelliTwin™ Suite is designed to respond to the crushing demands of business while delivering uncompromising engineering solutions.

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Learn how to break the barriers to enable more engineers and designers to utilize large scale HPC.   See how IntelliTwin™ helps package the most complex HPC workflows for use by those less experienced in the arcane lore of HPC operation, while introducing data management, re-usability and provenance capture.

The IntelliTwin™ Suite provides the capability to efficiently and effectively create and manage auditable Digital Threads based on your simulation workflows.  IntelliTwin™ was was built for large scale complex CFD simulations on some of the largest HPC systems in the world, with support for both commercial and non-commercial analysis codes.

Intellitwin Suite, the Realizable Digital Thread for Engineering, enables Digital Engineering

During the webinar, we will discuss DoD’s goal to become more data driven and embrace advances in Digital Engineering. These activities are intended to ‘move the curve to the left’ in system development.   We’ll then illustrate how the IntelliTwin™ Suite helps you to succeed in this evolving environment while increasing productivity and reliability of your own engineering activities.

IntelliTwin™ Core: Intelligently Managed Workflows, Data, Provenance & Projects

  • Simplify locating and re-using workflow setups and data such as meshes through effective Data management on large HPC systems
  • Integrate new team members more quickly and easily with workflow automation of “your” work
  • Metadata and provenance

Kombyne™: Smarter Simulation Data Faster

  • Increase simulation workflow confidence and productivity with consistent smart key simulation data extraction
  • Reduce HPC resources and costs by migrating post-processing to automated batch workflows
  • Enhance throughput and reliability of HPC simulation

SpectreUQ™:  Production Level Uncertainty Quantification (UQ)

  • Evaluate simulation and test data in a single platform
  • Quantify simulation workflow confidence
  • Determine modeling changes required for desired simulation confidence
  • Evaluate 100’s of conditions to train built-in surrogate models
  • Deploy for use by analysts rather than UQ specialists

Data Analytics Suite (DAS): Climbing the Mountain of Simulation Data

  • Accelerate the path to understanding simulation results for 100’s of conditions
  • Evaluate noise source from fluid flow without expensive Acoustics simulations

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