Intelligent Light helps Aerospace and Defense engineering groups succeed with Digital Engineering

See how we have helped organizations like yours to meet their goals:

Gain more insight and easily archive more knowledge from massive amounts of data
Bring new engineers online quickly using your mature HPC workflows
Quickly and easily verify performance with every design change
Automatically gather metadata, including provenance for re-use
Scale up your HPC, on-prem or in the cloud

Smarter, Safer, Sooner

Intellitwin Suite, the Realizable Digital Thread for Engineering, enables Digital Engineering

We can accelerate your Digital Transformation with HPC-Scale Data and Workflow Management, Data Science & Visualization

Implementing 21st century HPC workflows requires innovation and expertise spanning multiple domains. Executing government and industry sponsored R&D contracts, SBIRs and collaborations has enabled us to build a team of PhD CFD practitioners, visualization and post-processing engineers, user interface specialists and signal processing/data science experts. Together we can meet your challenges!

Capacity and HPC
Let us help you achieve your vision of digital transformation by combining our IntelliTwin™ Suite and your existing HPC-scale workflows and CFD technologies
Data Science and Visualization
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“Spectre-UQ™ (powered by IntelliTwin™) has been used successfully on collaboration projects specifically targeting UQ needs within Hypersonic Aerodynamics.”

-Engineer at Major Aerospace Company

Achieve a Dynamic Transformation

Cost-effective, open software tools with flexible licensing & expert support. Engage our team and our enterprise-level open source tools to: 

• Work and use HPC with greater efficiency.
• Gain significantly more insight.
• Archive knowledge with full numerical precision, with ease.
• Bring products to market with confidence.

Reduce Risk byIncorporating VV and UQ

Compress HPC-scaleEngineering Workflows

Accelerate Understanding &Communication

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